Our Lady of the Lakes
St. Clare

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Council Meeting are now being held in person and via the Internet.


August– Important Dates to Remember


Aug. 4th - Calendar Planning Meeting @Social Hall 6:00 PM

Aug. 11th - Council Membership Meeting

                     6:00 PM Rosary

                     6:30 PM Social (Please a small dish to share)

                     7:00 PM Meeting

Aug. 15th - Corporative Mass - 10:00 AM Celebrating Blessed Father McGivney

Aug. 25th - Computer Training @6:30 Social Hall

                      No computer needed, bring paper and pencil/pen

Aug. 30th - Faith in Action Directors Monthly hours report are due


        More dates will be posted as they become available.

Talk with God

I had a talk with God today
I asked Him to show me the way
I thanked Him for everything He has giving me
For without Him nothing would be 


I asked if He knew that this world was in trouble
For the world seems to be in an unsolvable puzzle
This has affected my daily life
If has caused at times, my faith to be in strife 

I asked you God what’s going on
How could this world get so wrong?
Every day I see people who must have lost their faith
If seems they just ignore your teaching and your wraith

How can I Lord help this world in a state of utter dismay 
Can I make a different to show them Your way
I pray each day asking You to help us out
We just need a little push from You to end this doubt

I know it’s a lot to ask from You, for Christ has shown us the way already
I’ll will pray each day till my heart is filled with love for everybody
And this world sees that You are the only answer to our call
So, my Lord, hear my prayer that every one loves you above all

                   Poem By:  Ken Birlin



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