Our Lady of the Lakes/St. Clare

Knights of Columbus

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Council Meeting are now being held in person and via the Internet.


May Dates to Remember

May 11 - Council Meeting (Social Hall)

                 6:00 PM - Rosary 

                 6:30 PM - Social (bring a snack to share)

                 7:00 PM - Meeting

May 15 - Spiritual Adoption Baby Shower

                9 AM - 2 PM

May 18 - 4th Degree Meeting - Deland

May 30 - Corporate Mass - 10 AM Mass 

More events will be posted as they become available.

Prayer to God


As I sit here all alone

Night is coming and daylight is now outshone

My thoughts go to you God

As I say a simple prayer, my head nods


Hoping my prayer will bring peace to my soul

To understand things that I cannot control

This is our time together just God and I

This time with You no one can buy


I thank God for granting me grace

Your grace is there for me to embrace

Spending time talking to God in prayer

He is listening for He is always there


I ask God to forgive my sins

Letting Him know my love comes from within

Thanking God for all He has given me

I get down and pray to God on my knees


It doesn’t matter how softly I whisper a prayer

For God is listening everywhere

I ask God that my love for Him may grow

So, one day my place in heaven may be bestowed

          Poem By:  Ken Birlin


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