Duties & Responsibilities of Council Officers

Grand Knight    

  • Presides over all council meetings      

  • Appoints program and membership directors     

  • Appoints committees as needed     

  • Countersigns orders for payment and checks     

  • Ensures the submission of all paperwork required by the Supreme and State Councils    

  • Maintains working relationships with the council’s chaplain, district deputy, field agent and general agent, as well as with other local service organizations (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, food pantries/soup kitchens)     

  • Has a working knowledge of the kofc.org website, Officers Online and Member Management     

  • Responsible for his council’s Degree Team and the scheduling of frequent Degree Ceremonials


Deputy Grand Knight 

  • Assists the grand knight with operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the grand knight  

  • In the absence of the grand knight, presides at council meetings 

  • Recommended to serve on the council’s Retention Committee



  • Has the duty of strengthening the members’ interest in council activities 

  • Assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties as assigned 

  • Serve on the council’s Admission Committee


Financial Secretary  

  • Upon recommendation of the grand knight and the trustees, the financial secretary is appointed for a three-year term that is approved by the supreme knight 

  • The prospective financial secretary must also complete and submit the Application for Appointment as Financial Secretary(#FS-101)  

  • Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, the financial secretary is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000. Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting the supreme secretary’s office  

  • Collects money, in the form of dues, from members. Responsible for sending billing notices and initiating retention measures by providing a list of delinquent members to the grand knight to prevent members from being suspended for nonpayment of dues

  • Ensures that the council membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll  

  • Receives from the Supreme Council Headquarters honorary and honorary life membership cards for distribution to qualified members  

  • Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council Headquarters  r Responsible for completing and submitting the proper 990 for the council (U .S. only)  

  • Keeps the seal of the council and affixes the same to membership cards, resolutions and other official documents as necessary



Responsible for keeping and maintaining a true and permanent record of all actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council



  • Charged with handling council funds

  • Receives money from financial secretary and deposits it in the proper council accounts 

  • Responsible for paying all council expenses, including assessments from the Supreme Council 

  • Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, the treasurer is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000 when reported on the Election of Officers form(#185). Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting the supreme secretary’s office


Program Director  

  • Appointed by the grand knight  

  • Collaborates with the grand knight in setting the calendar of council programs for the year  

  • Manages each service program director and chairman as they implement the council’s programs and activities  

  • Keeps accurate records of council programs for reporting on the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity and the Columbian Award Application  

  • Keeps council’s public relations chairman informed of all programs and activities for promotion to local media



  • Acts as parliamentarian for the council  

  • Should have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, Charter, Constitution & Laws, council by-laws, and Method of Conducting Council Meetings(#10318) 

  • When needed, will seek legal assistance from the state advocate


Membership Director 

  • Appointed by the grand knight 

  • Collaborates with the grand knight and council leaders on council membership goals for the year  

  • Manages the Recruitment Committee, Retention Committee and Insurance Promotion Committee chairmen as they implement the council’s membership activities  

  • Plans and coordinates the council’s schedule of recruitment programs



  • Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property 

  • Sets up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications  

  • Oversees inside and outside guards


Inside/Outside Guards 

  • Attend the doors of the council chamber, checking for current membership cards and allowing entrance


Board of Trustees 

  • Consists of grand knight and three other elected members


Knights of Columbus

Deltona Council 6584

1310 Maximilian St.

Deltona, Fl. 32725