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Grand Knight June 2023 Message



My finale Grand Knight message. As stated in an earlier email, THANK YOU for everything we have accomplished. It is a great pleasure to see many of you attending our meetings. I hope we carry on and grow not only in membership but in activities. Let's show our new Grand Knight and officers that we can do it again.


I just wanted to give you some info for upcoming events in June


Sunday June 4th


-we are sponsoring Coffee and doughnuts at the Social hall. I need volunteers to be there to make sure 

everything runs smooth. All we have to do is make coffee and plate the doughnuts. Then clean up. I will not be there until around noon. I will open the doors about 7:30am


The bishop will be at St. Clare's (on Day Road) serving Mass at 11am and celebrate Fr, Hectors 15-year ordination and officially make him the Pastor.


If you go to this event, please wear your Knights shirts.


Saturday June 10th


Fr. Hector has requested our assistance in setting up tables and chairs for an event later that evening. Start time will be about 8:30am. It should take about 2 hrs. Then return later (about 8pm) to put them away. 


Wednesday June 14th


Meeting night.

Election of new officers

Our insurance agent James Booritch will give us a short presentation. I anticipate the meeting might 

be completed around 8:30


Sunday June 25th


The Bishop will be at OLL and bless the "new" Church at the 12 pm Mass. The 4th degree Honor Guard will also be there so I am asking you to make this our Corporate Mass (instead of the 10) and wear your Knights shirts.


Remember and say a prayer for our Vets. (5/29 is Memorial Day)


Grand Knight
Peter J. Zapitz

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