Grand Knight August 2021 Message



Happy August!! This means summer is about 1/2 over and the year 2021. Where does time go?


Yesterday (Wed. the 28th) turned out to be something special. A few Knights and myself went to the Social Hall in the morning to prepare  for the installation. We completed  the task,...but then later the rain, wind, lightning, and thunder came. When we arrived at the hall about 6:15, half the floor where we had set up was covered in water. The Knights Action Team (KAT) promptly went into clean up mode. Brothers Alfredo Rivera, James Flash and PGK Bill made a valiant effort to clear the water to no success. Then the team went into overdrive, with Luis Berdecia, Blake Nicholas and John Barberry tables and chairs were moved to the other side of the hall and the ceremony started on time. After the installation (Thanks to Father Chris and D.D. Rob Wajorski) it was time to eat. (Thanks for the cake Margareta). It was good to see all the Brothers and wives sitting eating, chatting, and laughing. While we were eating it reminded me of a big (KofC) family dinner. It made me proud to see this. Thank you all for attending


A lesson was learned from this.


When Knights come together in a group, we can work quickly and efficiently.


Now moving forward:


We are exploring a Bloodmobile and membership drive, hopefully, in September

Possibly a food drive for SVDP....October

A Christmas drive in November (have any ideas?)




Grand Knight

Peter J. Zapitz