Knights Insurance August Message

Helping Our Families Prepare


Tempus fugit memento mori – times flies, remember death.


But death is not always easy to think about. While we live with Christian hope, we know that our death also means sadness and trial for those we love. We know that we will leave a void, and, depending on the circumstances of our own death, we may even leave loose ends.


But by thinking about the unthinkable, and planning for the inevitable, we may be able to reduce those trials and tie up some of those loose ends.


That’s why we are happy to provide the Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook.


The Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook is a no-cost tool available from me to you.


The thirty-four page book is a comprehensive planning guide that will enable you to record personal information, identify personal wishes, and supplement legal documents.


With the Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook, you can:

  • List medical information

  • Identify your long-term care instructions and wishes

  • Identify the location of records, documents, accounts, password, and other important concerns

  • Identify charitable gifts

  • Supplement your will with instructions and information on the distribution of your estate, as well as information on guardians, executors, and power of attorney

  • Express your wishes for your funeral service, including identifying readings, lectors, gift bearers, pall bearers, and fraternal or military organization involvement

  • Prepare a Survivors’ Action Items and Concerns listing for the settlement of your estate and the execution of your last wishes

  • Establish a list of people to notify

  • Record information on life insurance policies and other benefits

  • Express your wishes for an obituary

  • Write a letter expressing your wishes to your pastor


This great resource is another extension of our founding mission, set forth by Father Michael J. McGivney, of protecting Catholic families.


To get a complimentary copy of the Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook, contact me today.


Larry Kennedy

Field Agent/Central Florida