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Knights Prayer List

    Will be updated every Month

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Please Pray For The Following 

Our Brothers

Frank Perkowski, Sr PGK

Bernie Kobily

Frank V Scalia, PGK 

Gary Stump PFN

Wyle Plummer PFN  

Tim Campbell  

Tom Pawlicki  PFN  

Dave Russell  

Lew Badura  

Carl Bolli

David Jobes - Deceased

Ernie Talbert

George Modrak - Deceased

George Castardo - Deceased

Cliff Marchbank - Deceased

Robert McBride

Fr. Chris Hoffmann

Efram Gonzalez

Mick Cotten

Frank Orofino - Deceased

All of our troops in harm's way.


The repose of the souls of all our brothers and our family members that have gone before us.  


All of our local clergy and our seminarians.


All victims of abortion and those affected by it.


All victims of sexual abuse. 


Family Council Members

Paulene Cotton - Deceased

Charlene Derasmo - Deceased

Cathlene Zapitz - Deceased

Ann Scalia - Deceased

Luis Berdecia’s sons Kallab        and Joshua Perdic

Bonnie Earl

Helen G.

Kathleen R.

Denise Tracy

Candice Griffin

Counchita Berrios

Pryne Scalia

Jorge Santos

David Blanco

Betty Hoffmann

Lynn B.

Kathie Zapitz

Jose Santo

 If you would like to submit a name for the prayer list, please send it to