This Month's Faith Story

A Man in the Desert


It was a hot day, and the sands were glittering like gold in a desert. Andrew, touring the place, lost his way in the desert.  He could not find his way back, and the water in his bottle dried.  He was in desperate search of water. Otherwise, he will die due to  dehydration.  As he struggled walking in the desert, he saw a small hut at a distance.

Initially, he thought it was just an illusion. But he continued walking towards it, and as he reached closer, he realized it was a hut.

He opened the door and found nobody there. It seemed like the place was in abandoned condition for a long time.  He was surprised to see a hand water pump, and it had all connections intact and a pipeline to the ground.  Then he started pumping, and there was no sign of water. And he continued his effort and gave up due to exhaustion.

He started searching the hut for any other source of water. Then he found a bottle of water hidden in the corner.  He was happy, and when he was about to drink the water, he found a piece of paper attached.  It was written in the paper, “Please use this water to start the pump. It works. After you have done, do not forget to refill the bottle again.”

After reading the message in the paper, he went into a dilemma, “Will the pump work if I use this water?

Is the pump in good condition?

Can I trust the words in the paper?

If it is false, then my last source of water will get waste.”

He paused for a minute and closed his eyes, and prayed.  Then he poured the water from the bottle into the pump and pumped it.

Soon, he heard a bubbling sound, and water started pouring out.

There was a moment of relief on his face.  He drank the water and filled his bottle. Then he got refreshed and refilled the bottle from the hut.

He stayed in the hut for some time and looked around.  Then he saw a pencil and a map explaining the direction to the nearby village from the hut location.  He was happy that his faith in the water pump worked. Similarly, he believed that the map would direct him in the right direction.

Then he wrote in the paper, “Have faith. It works.”  And he kept both the bottle and paper to the exact place from where he took.

Happily, he left the hut.

Moral of the story

In our life, there will be times when we need faith. The moment we start believing, things will fall in our place.  Once we have faith, regardless of the outcome, we should continue our efforts towards it. It will pay more than we wanted.